The Exceptional Lawyer

The Exceptional Lawyer

The result

  • You become a more exceptional lawyer.  (See, Three Qualities of Exceptional Lawyers.)
  • You have generated clear aims and a strategy for how to become your most exceptional and contented.
  • You are fully in action and making demonstrable progress on that path.

The process

The process includes three phases:

  • exploration,
  • experimentation,
  • practice.


  • Clearly identify where you are now and what’s really important to you.
  • Clearly define what exceptional means to you, and to what you aspire.
  • Confidently set your stake in the ground.

The qualities that will make you an exceptional lawyer and a more exceptional human being are unique. Much of the failure and misery that people experience comes from holding themselves up to an impersonal standard. Yes, some qualities and skills are needed for all exceptional lawyers, but if your aspirations are not personalized, you are asking for trouble. Your personal standard must be based on your values, your propensities, and your passions, who you really are. With the use of provocative conversation, playful use of a few assessment tools and toys, and a clear perspective of what legal practice demands, you become clear about what being an exceptional lawyer and an exceptional human being is for you.

Of equal importance is a candid assessment of where you are now. If you do not know where you are now, no map will help. Further coaching conversation and a 360° assessment will give you a clear sense of your starting point.


  • Discover the best strategies and practices for you to evolve into your definition of exceptional.

In the same way that your vision is as unique as you are, so is the best approach for getting there. In this phase, you test run different ways to evolve expeditiously across the gap from who you are toward exceptionality.


  • Develop the habits of an exceptional lawyer.
  • Develop the habits of an exceptional human being.
  • Take the steps that transform you.
  • Design your environment so that you make progress consistently and effortlessly.

Practice is the road to mastery. Your tennis game won’t improve much from reading books. Learning how to be an exceptional lawyer and an exceptional human being require practice, ongoing practice, until it’s in your bones, until it’s a part of you. This phase is where you make permanent progress.

Often practices go through a honeymoon period. Then, they hit a dip, where they become hard, easily dropped, no longer novel and exciting. Through ongoing attentiveness and attention to environmental factors that support your practice, you integrate your practice into who you are. You change. You become more and more exceptional as a lawyer and as a human being in a way that stays with you for the rest of your life.

Note:  Joshua Hornick limits his client load to a maximum of ten clients at a time.  This enables him to give each client an extraordinary amount of personal attention and flexibility.

Joshua Hornick, Esq.
Professional Certified Coach


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